Price of a stairlift

How much does a stairlift cost?

The price depends on the stairlift that meets your needs. Each stairlift is different, because each home is different. No two staircases are the same, nor are the people who want to use them. We make a stairlift that is perfectly matched to your needs and your house.

The price of your stairlift depends on:

  • How long the rail needs to be
  • If your stairs are straight or curved
  • How many turns your staircase has
  • If your stairs are outdoors or indoors
  • How many steps are in the flight of stairs
  • Which chair is best for you and your needs
  • If you want to go up more than one flight of stairs
  • If you want any additional features like a powered swivel
  • If there are any doors where the stairlift would need to go

Some of these factors are your choice, others depend on your house and your stairs. Either way, our specialist advisers are happy to walk you through all your options and tell you the price of the perfect stairlift for you. What’s the best fit for your house? What suits your specific needs? What’s the perfect lift to give you back the independence you thought you’d lost?

Find out about the perfect stairlift for you by booking a stair survey. That’s when our advisers can give you all the information you’re looking for.

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We’ve helped over 750,000 people around the world get access back to their homes. What’s stopping you from being next?

A stairlift is an investment into your future.

Compare the price of a stairlift to the high cost of moving home. A stairlift means you can stay in your house for longer – in your community, surrounded by people that care about you. You can save your energy for the things that make you happy instead of using it all getting up and down the stairs.

We’ve been in business for over 150 years, and have led the stairlift industry for over 40. Our experience helps us make the best product out there, keeping you safe in your home for longer.

Stairlifts are sometimes seen as a luxury item, but when you consider your quality of life without one, you start to see how much of a necessity it is.

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Premium and Economy Options

Often, when people start looking to buy a stairlift they want to find out what’s available to them, both in terms of price and quality. That’s where we can help you out. Stannah stairlifts are of the highest quality on the market, because we control the manufacturing process of our stairlifts from start to finish. We offer stairlifts for a range of prices, and with a range of options, but you can always be sure that we never skimp on quality, because your safety and comfort are our priorities.

We don’t differentiate between premium and economy stairlifts because we want to give you the highest quality possible, for the lowest price. Whichever stairlift you happen to choose, you know all our expertise and research has gone into making it as safe and comfortable as possible - and our stairlifts come with options so that they can be customised to match the décor of your home.

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Our range of stairlifts for indoor stairs

Stannah Solus

Stannah Siena

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One price without hidden costs.

You might be wondering about hidden costs. The good news is: there aren’t any. Your quote covers the only payment you’ll make to us, which covers everything. And when we say everything, we mean everything from your home visit to the 2 maintenance visits you get as part of your 2-year warranty.

How much does it cost to run a stairlift?

More good news: it costs less to run a stairlift per year than it does your kettle.

What is the price of installing a stairlift?


We think making your stairlift is only half the job. You only get your independence back when it’s safely installed on your stairs by our highly trained technicians. That’s why installation is included in your free quote. We don’t do our job by halves.

By installing it ourselves, we also guarantee that your stairlift is as safe as can be. We make sure the quality checks we run in our factory are carried on right into your home.

That’s not all. When you get your free quote, it includes:

  • The price of the perfect stairlift for you
  • Quick and clean installation of your stairlift in your house
  • All the help and advice you need, on the phone or in person
  • A comprehensive 2-year warranty that includes a call-out service

We want to improve your quality of life. That’s why we have no interest in giving you false information. One price. One payment.

Second hand stairlift

We don’t recommend you buy a second hand stairlift from anyone other than a stairlift company. Our Stannah reconditioned stairlifts might be just the option you’re looking for. Cheaper than a new stairlift, our reconditioned options still come with a Stannah guarantee, keeping you safe in your home, for that much cheaper.

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We don’t give you an online quote for your stairlift, because it wouldn’t be accurate. We need to meet you to assess your mobility needs and give you advice tailored to you.
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