A guide to buying a stairlift

The steps you need to take to make sure you’re getting the right option to suit your needs

To find out the best option for you, we need to meet you and see what your stairs are like. Below you’ll find three simple steps – all it takes to get your whole house back.

How to buy a Stannah Stairlift

We have a simple, 3-step process you follow when you want to buy a stairlift.

1) Assessment

Your first step is a free stair survey, where our sales consultant will measure your stairs and find out about you to be able to tell you exactly what you need.

2) Quote

Once your stairs are measured, you decide on the details of the chair: model, colour and special features. Then our consultant gives you your free, no-obligation quote.

3) Installation

In no time at all, our customer advisors will schedule your installation. Our technicians will turn up on-time, with all their tools and leave your house as spotless as they found it. Installations take less than a day, so your home life won’t be disrupted.
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Assessment for a stairlift

Rules for buying a Stairlift

Buying a stairlift is not something you do every day. Knowing what you want and need isn’t easy. That’s why we’ve come up with some simple rules you should follow if you’re thinking about buying a stairlift.

Don’t buy a stairlift without expert advice

The only way your stairlift will be as safe and compact as possible, is if it is made to fit your stairs. A made-to-measure stairlift will fit your home perfectly and adhere to safety regulations matched to your specific stairs.

At Stannah we take precise measurements so our stairlifts will fit every millimetre of your stairs.

Make sure your stairlift is made to fit you too

Buying a stairlift isn’t just about your stairs. It’s about you and your specific needs and how a stairlift is tailored to meet them.

During your home visit, our stairlift expert does a user assessment to see which chair and which features would best suit you. This makes your stairlift as comfortable as possible to use.

Choose a company you can trust

Make sure you choose a stairlift manufacturer that is recognised as meeting both national and international standards. The British Healthcare Association makes sure companies are going above and beyond to meet their customers’ needs and Which? makes sure companies give you the exact product or service they say they will.

Make sure the company you choose is accredited by official organisations by checking their Awards and Accreditations page.

Know what’s included in the cost

When you get your free quote, you need to know that it covers:

  • A free home visit to analyse your needs
  • A stairlift made to fit you and your home
  • Quick, easy, clean installation of your stairlift
  • 2 years of comprehensive warranty, including a call-out service

Don’t buy a stairlift if you still have questions

Get all your questions answered before you buy a stairlift. We want you to be sure you’re making the right choice for you.

Call us whenever you have a question and we’ll be more than happy to answer it.

Shop around

Always look at all the possibilities, check out different companies and pay attention to the little details so that you’re sure you know exactly what they’re offering. Familiarise yourself with what’s out there before you make a decision, that way you’ll be sure to choose the right stairlift for you, in your own time.

Always check the warranty

All Stannah stairlifts come with a 2-year warranty. We want to give you the peace of mind that comes with buying something you know you can trust.

Know the terms of the call-out service

Stannah warranty comes with a call-out service. To anywhere in Greece. Don’t accept anything less.

You need to know that on the off-chance anything goes wrong, someone can be there to help you. Whenever you need them.

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