A stairlift to match your home décor

If you were looking to buy a new sofa, dining table or even washing machine, the way it looks would almost certainly be a factor. Anything new needs to fit in with what you already have. You’ve spent a lot of time bringing together the features of your house and you don’t want something that is going to ruin that.

That’s why our stairlifts are customisable. So that they can match your tastes and your home – a stairlift is a new piece of furniture after all.

We’re manufacturers, so our stair lifts are designed for comfort, safety and ease-of-use. But we’re also people, so our chairs are designed for style as well.

Choosing a chair

Firstly, you need to choose a chair that best suits your needs. Some of them have features you might like the sound of. The Siena has longer armrests for added support when you’re getting in and out of the chair. The Solus removable link bars make sure your stairlift is easily accessible, even from a wheelchair.

There’s more: you can also choose the colour of the upholstery.

Customising your chair

The Siena stairlift is our most customisable chair. Check out what you can change to make the chair your own.

The Siena

The Siena is our most practical chair. It comes in 2 widths for a bit of extra room, and it also has longer arm rests as standard.

Just because you have fewer options, doesn’t mean there aren’t any. You have a choice of five lovely colours for the vinyl upholstery of your chair.

Customising your rail

A standard rail comes in either a silver or bronze finish. That gives you some say, but just like your chair, you can change the look of your rail. If you want it to be a specific colour, that’s possible. If silver or bronze isn’t what you’d choose for your home, let us know and we can discuss your options.

Give us a call today. The only way you’ll find out the extent of what we can do for you is by speaking to us. Schedule your home visit and our friendly stairlift expert will come and meet you and find out exactly what you want and need.